Thomas VR Shop

Welcome to our Virtual Reality Adventures. Every since I - Thomas, hence the name of the page - got my first Oculus development VR headset and have infected by family and friends with the VR bug, we have played with Unity to create VR experiences that we are happy to share. Learn more about me and my non-profit ORCSGirls on the About me page.

Forklift Simulator

This Forklift Simulator is the project I started to learn Unity and it has grown into a small playable game ready to be expanded. Always wanted to be a forklift operator - this game is for you and all proceeds to go ORCSGirls empowering middle school girls through technology.

MRI Simulator

As an entry to the ProjectCSGirls competition for middle school girls, my daughter Klara and her friend Jamie created an MRI simulator to help people with anxiety and claustrophobia before undergoing a real MRI scan. Together we learned more Unity, and their project won second grand prize in the US.

Enjoy and feel free to contact us at

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